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Re-Discover ME (Mental Elevation) Women's Initiative inspires to Engage, Educate, and Inspire change for which women and teen girls who are (or have been) affected by abuse, trauma, and mental health concerns through engagement in evidence-based services and support; which are strategically designed to promote Mental Elevation. Our goal is to assist each person that seeks out our services with changing mentally as they grow physically. All while discovering the "ME" she wants to be.


Changing Mentally to Grow Physically

Mental Elevation involves transforming your emotional and intellectual mindset of women affected by Abuse, Trauma, and Mental Health-related concerns; while inspiring her to change mentally in order to grow physically while Rediscovering the Mentally Elevated (ME) individual she wants to be. 


Our service Covers Areas Like

 Mental Health

Abuse (Domestic Violence, Sextual Assault, Rap)